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Committed to Caring

 October 2017

Long-Distance Caregiving
10 Tips for Long Distance Caregivers
10 Tips for Long-Distance Caregivers
Long-Distance Caregiver Checklist:
Documents to Create & Keep

Keeping pertinent information, paperwork, and records well organized and readily available, is key to simplifying and addressing these tasks efficiently. Learn what information you should keep handy.
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Managing Long-Distance Caregiver Guilt
Distance can make handling important decisions on medical health and living conditions difficult. What is often overlooked is the stress of guilt that often accompanies not being physically present to spend time with, comfort, and care for those we love.
How can you cope with the guilt, destress, and maintain a level head?
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From the Archives
The senior relocation and downsizing process can be overwhelming for any family.
Care itself is complex, but caring for your parent’s personal property from miles away can be a daunting task as well. So where do you start?
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